Technology is a shape-shifting entity

Technology is a shape-shifting entity borrowed directly from Star-Trek. You have tried to ride this horse a few times, but you have fallen flat on your face. It takes too much time to learn and understand. It becomes obsolete by the time you know it- only to show up again in a new avatar. You […]

Aby’s Story

Aby is the delivery manager of the vendor that the airline company hired. He works numerous hours a day with offshore and onsite teams. He is passionate about delivering for clients. However, no matter what Aby does, the client is not getting impressed. If Aby’s team does fifty things correctly and makes one mistake, the […]

Ramy’s Story

Ramy was a great leader. Well-spoken and go-getter. His start-up, a newly started Airline company, was piggybacking on the digital tech of a well-known airline. After covid struck the world, the airline partner quit. Ramy hired a software company from India to redevelop the digital intellectual property taken away. Development began using the latest technologies […]

Esta’s Story

Esta’s story Esta is head of the OPS team for a new Airline company. There are numerous issues with the software, making her life a living hell. Customers are not getting email or text notifications when airline time changes. Boarding passes are printing wrong times. Sometimes customers are charged twice or even four times. The […]