Aby’s Story

Aby is the delivery manager of the vendor that the airline company hired. He works numerous hours a day with offshore and onsite teams. He is passionate about delivering for clients. However, no matter what Aby does, the client is not getting impressed. If Aby’s team does fifty things correctly and makes one mistake, the aggressive client highlights that one mistake. Aby’s company is losing the business to the competition. The team is demotivated due to constant fault-finding and extra hours they have to work on Saturdays and Sundays, with no additional remuneration and no sincere thanks. Aby thinks the fault is in his Engineering team. He cannot manage sky-high client expectations and the dwindling motivation of his team. We understand how frustrating it must be for Aby. He needs help. Exetute shows the way in these tricky situations. Aby needs to appear as an expert in front of the client, so he needs a refresher in IT terms and tech used in the environment. Not only this, he needs to learn how to set up data-driven expectations. He needs a mentor who can give him time tested action plan.