Ramy’s Story

Ramy was a great leader. Well-spoken and go-getter. His start-up, a newly started Airline company, was piggybacking on the digital tech of a well-known airline. After covid struck the world, the airline partner quit. Ramy hired a software company from India to redevelop the digital intellectual property taken away. Development began using the latest technologies like AWS, GoLang, NodeJs, MongoDB, and Databrick. His trusted people, his tribe- which had a few backstabbers- always blamed the vendor. So much noise that the information gets lost. Ramy got overwhelmed with the myriad issues and challenges faced in this process. He could not understand and communicate with investors about what was going on. Soon the patience of the investors ran out, and Ramy was fired. What could have helped Ramy survive and thrive? A little more knowledge of the technology would be one of those. We are not expecting Ramy to micro-manage but stay alpha when myriad options are presented to him, and he could pick the right one. Why can’t someone tell Ramy in 30 mins the five most important things he needs to know? And then index that information so that it’s handy when he needs it—Thats’ where Exetute comes in. We understand customers’ pain like Ramy, and we are obsessed with their success.”